Good yoyo


I want a metal yoyo. I’ve benen looking at supernova. Any rekommendations?


If you could give us some preferences that would help. We need to know what you like. Give us the usual preferences: Size, shape, and weight. Then we can give an awesome recommendation!

It would also help to know your skill level. I wouldn’t suggest a Supernova for a begginer.


I got à genesis + and that’s little too heavy. I would prefer a lighter yoyo.


Size: full sized
shape: 8shape
But it have to be really smooth


Most YYF metals are really smooth.

What’s an “8shape?” By chance, do you mean H-shape?


It seems like a Supertar is a pretty good choice. It has all the qualities you want in a throw.


But the hubstacks reduce the yoyo. Right?


Yes I mean a h shape :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean “reduce” the yo-yo? Just asking. Also, what is your skill level? It has already been asked, but never answered.

(G2 Jake) #10

H shapes that I would highly suggest.

One drop code 1 or burnside
G squared Nessie


not to be bias or anything

(G2 Jake) #12

Honest opinion that’s why I included the one drops.



I’m sorry I’m not so good at English, make the yoyo to not spin as loch as it should if it didn’t have hubstacks


One drop seems good


Are supernova lite fast playing?



Also, about hubstacks, they don’t reduce spin time significantly. If you’re good, then it shouldn’t be a problem.


But I don’t like hubstacks anyway xD


super nova lite perhaps?


oh sorry didnt see your other thread