good yoyo for price 99-150

I like fast stable competition wortthy and smaller or the same size as the chief. (Already own a chief)

Code 2

Some of the top options out there

Code 2

Personally, I would go with the avalanche or the dynamo if there are still any left. The dynamo is super underrated but is a fantastic throw, very stable, very reliable and way fun to play as well. It’s served me well for performance and so has the avalanche. Perhaps SPYY’s new throw the amplifier (I think that’s what it’s called…) would be for you, it’s supposedly based entirely on competition. I’d still say the Dynamo though

Phenom, Titan3, Dynamo, Oxy io.

AL7 Albatross



Get another Chief.


Code 2, Code 1, Cascade.


Don’t know. So many in that price bracket. Depends on preferences.

Anythings and everything SPYY.

The amplifier has similar size specs to the chief. I don’t know how it plays… Hmm… My post isn’t very helpful is it :smiley:

That Amplifier looks boss. Want one almost as badly as I want an El Ranchero…

I agree that the Amplifier looks like it could really be a player. I like my Avalanche so im recommending that as well.

IRONY GBA & Trident!

Arctic Cirlcle! You cant go wrong!

every yoyo above 90 bucks is good. just choose one.

Avant Garde 2?

I just got yelled at for laughing in a library this is so true

Have either of you even played one?