good throws

i am not quite sure how i should give a good throw. any tips?

make sure, when holding the muscle before you throw, to snap your elbow down, then snap your forearm down, then snap your wrist.

when you throw, look at the yoyo if it’s tilting. the next time you throw, compensate for the tilt until you find a comfrtable way to throw straight and strong. a good throw comes with time and practice so don’t fret now.

thanks guys!

ok, so all today ive been practicing this and i wondered, how can you tell if it is a good throw besides the angle?

How long does it spin?

Try to improve each time.

it usually gets to about a minute, but thanks

buy a proyo and throw it exclusively for a month (yes i’m serious).
if you’ve got a 30 sec. sleeper with one (frontstyle or breakaway), your throw’s good.

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I read this and thought "I bet ed can get atleast a minute.

Straightness and Spin Time

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what if i use a mosquito, how long should i time for?

Maybe a LITTLE less than that, like 4:30; Anything around those lines should be pretty good.

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that mosquito went through some crazy modding.  with a normal mosquitoe it’s ok to get up to about a minute or so

great! cause i can get mine to go for a minute or so

but then again…
i did mod it with those square bandages, but im not sure if it does anything to the spin time

it does. it adds weight and rim weighting/distribution.
anyways a minute or two on a mosquito would be great.
i tried to do that crazy 5 min one, but could only get to 1:30

Its not modded, unless you consider cleaning a bearing a mod, but its basicly the same as breaking in.

Really? Just cleaning the bearing and getting a 5 Minute sleep time with an unmodded moquito? That’s impressive