Good Mini Throw Suggestions


For the record, the original poster was referring to the YoYoFactory PopStar.

I personally didn’t care for this model.

Others have very different preferences, an I respect that. For the money, I’d rather get an Aoda Littles or a C3 Token for my “vastly undersized” enjoyment. You also have to consider if it wasn’t well received, YYF would stop making it. YYF keeps making that. Need I say more?

I would recommend trying this one before you buy. The really small stuff, regardless of brand or model, isn’t always a great fit for all players.

I didnt care for it either it feels like a rock on a string >:(

ILYY St. Eel.

It is a mini throw that sacrifices nothing when it comes to play. Truly a great mini throw.

Angle XS.

C3 token
YYF popstar (i dotn like it, but some people do)
CLYW campfire
Onedrop dingo
Aoda littles

Saint Eel is one of my favorite (if not my most favorite) mini throw.

Sorry man, didn’t mean to change on you like that. Once I had your opinion and mynameiszen’s opinion both being the same, I figured I would ask what a good mini throw was since the popstar was out of the question for me.

That video is crazy.

3rd vote for st. eel. Plays great, can take a serious beating(i’ve dropped mine a couple times and its still smooth). Perfect pocket throw.

My favorite four (in no particular order). Mini star, Campfire, Dingo and the St.eel. Every other I have played felt like size made performance awkward.

You took out the context of the conversation. For better purposes of new people trying to track the conversation thread, now they’ll know what people are talking about. Someone else may have a question about a Popstar, for example. This thread may be able to help people save time and make their own decision.

what should I do? Just learn from it or chqnge it?

“Wait…Are you serious? You’re gonna use that!?.. Okay…”

Classic. XD

Does anybody know what that throw was btw?

Something Angle XS. My go-to pocket throw. Sadly difficult to find here in the US.

Here’s my Angle XS and Aoda Littles, which is another great mini throw.

The Littles is super cheap, plays really well, has great weight to it, can use regular string, fits amazingly in the pocket, i honestly love it a lot.

If you can find one the Eli or Baby Dert would be the best throw in my opinion