good metal yoyo

guys really need help skyline got shattered of deck looking for next good metal yoyo cheap under 100

Most metals are good metals, so you should definitely look around and see if something catches your eye.

Shattered? I’m interested in what happened to your Skyline.

Ya, what did happen to the skyline?



I mean, how about a Y-factor? They are great yoyos.

How about Big Brother Juvenile Offender! It’s an awesome throw, great for grinds, similar in size and shape to the protostar.

YYF Yuuksta, if you like undersized awesomeness you will love this yoyo

Buy a second hand peak.

When I opened my thread, similar to yours, $110, people mentioned
dv888 and protege.
I ended up ordering a yuuksta.
Hope this helps.

genesis or uummm lets see stryker or a mark mont next