good metal yoyo under 40

hey im looking for a metal yoyo thats under 40 and with good sleep time. i know the basics for unresponsive yoyo-ing. i know how to do a front mount and back mount.

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Just pick the one with the specs you like.

Spend 5$ more and get a Torque. Most stable throw I’ve tried yet. I got it to spin for 7 minutes.

YYO makes some good budget yo-yos under $40

So many options. What do you think you might like in a yoyo? Heavy or light? Organic or V shape? Full mid, or undersized?

Yoyofficer Kilter

the yomega dash is a good solid throw… well at least it was when i threw the old one in 2011.

MYY N12 , YYO Stuff, or something off BST.

heavy, shape doesnt matter, and full mid

honestly the N12, sharks honor, is the best to start out with because it plays way better then its price tag