what new yoyo should i get that is under $40

i have the sage by yotricks.com but im looking into unresponsive play what yoyo should i get under $40

Get an yoyofficier orbis,a bit over your budget but perfect, or a onedrop rally if you care about keeping metal yoyo “mint” (you maybe don’t care now but it’s going to be an obssesion in a month)

Edit: also consider a yoyorecreation, it’s in your budget and as good as a rally

the company yoyofficer has some great yoyos under $40 ;D

YoyoFactory Northstar is GREAT, and definitely under $40. I prefer the glow Northstar. :wink: But the aurora borealis is so cool spinning, and still in stock:

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3911/14742559751_becd74501f_z.jpgNorthstarspin12 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Add another $5 to your budget limit, and you can get a metal YoyoFactory Shutter, or Horizon. Both are great players.

When you get your new metal walk the dog with it on the concrete :stuck_out_tongue:

Protostar, Northstar, Diffusion 2 or Rally.

I’d try to increase the budget to $50 and get a Shutter, Cypher, Too HOT or Horizon instead, though.

Pretty much this. Don’t forget Speedaholic if you’re looking into plastic.

OR go with MagicYoyo and roll the dice. I recommend N9, N12 or N5 if that shape floats your boat.

And magic Yo-Yo you could get 2 for $40 :wink:
Here is a review/overview I did of magic if you wanna check it out
It features the k9/k8/N12/D5/PurpleLine

For $35 you can get a new YYR Diffusion. It’s seriously one of the best plastic yoyos out there. I think it makes the Shutter and Horizon look really bad in comparison. I absolutely love mine.

So far there are a ton of great suggestions in this thread so I am going to offer a different view.

You can actually make your Sage unresponsive. That “other site” may have a kit, but I am sure you can do it yourself with the proper sized silicone response and a C Bearing (which you can all get from this fantastic site).

That way, you are spending 10-15 bucks to make your current yoyo unresponsive instead of 40+ on a new yoyo.