Good Metal yo-yos under 75$


Hi guys! IM trying to find a good metal yoyo under 75$. I want a yoyo with a good sleep time. I currently have a Metal Drifter and I find it doesn’t have a long sleep time to do string tricks. Don’t care about anything, just want some recommendations, preferably a yoyo easy to do a trapeze. Thanks! :wink:


Can you Bind the yoyo? If not, than get a YYJ Classic. It will spin a lot longer than your Metal Drifter. With that you can learn how to do the trapeze better and learn all the basic tricks, including how to bind. Than when you can bind you can put in a new C bearing and a pair of pads and it will be completely unresponsive (meaning it won’t come up when you tug). Than after you learn the basics and how to bind you can get a metal.


Some throws worth Consideration that are currently in stock at yye:
Octave 1st Gen

Bebop is also worth mention but you can only buy direct. It’s very popular though


yyc spectrum none side effect version if you can find it. If not / even if I would just go to B/S/T and look for a yoyo you like the colorway/ design of and buy it. No yoyo that is modern is going to hold you back for the most part and this is especially true of ones that people would buy and sell at B/S/T.


your probably best off going for a benchmark yoyo by one drop.


||Im trying to find a yoyo that can do good combos|| Possibly a dark magic 2 thats what im looking at. or inspire


Ahh, this, my v is better than my format…,


I’ll second the Benchmark by OD. V= fun, O = chill, H = fast. either will do the job!


The Classic can do great combos easily!


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