First Metal???


Hey guys,

I’m OFFICIALLY intermediate and I’m wondering what metal I can get for 50. Need your opinions.

Thanks as always! :smiley:


Can you bind? That will heavily influence what reccomendations you get. As long as the yoyo you are using right now has a bearing or transaxle, you’ll be fine until at least advanced. Doing this on a responsive yoyo will help you learn smoothness, helping you in the long run.


My first metal was a duncan echo. It is a great throw. For me he spin time is a bit short, but that might just be me. It also fits your price range.


Yes, I can bind. Currently using a PGM and have no use for the stacks.


My first metal was the dv888 it has worked perfectly I’m starting on advanced part 2 with it soon. It’s $50 too. Great yoyo.


I like my metal drifter it’s cheap. But it’s responsive :-\


A Protostar and a 100 pack of string because lots of practicing. :wink:

But seriously, the God-Tricks Freedom and Cyclone look pretty dang nice for under $50.

(SR) #8

DiBase, Capless, Dv888


Metal and $50 and under.

Duncan Metropolis, Raptor, Echo. Either are great.
YYJ dv888, but not a personal favorite of mine. Still good though.
Shinwoo Zen’s and I think the Dolphin.
Duncan Metal Drifter, but the newer ones, and clean the bearing out good. My son’s went dead unresponsive after just cleaning the bearing. Wow. Well, considering the price…

Any Magic Yoyo, with nods towards the T5, N9, N10 and N11 for me. With luck, you could get all three for under $50.

YoYofficer Aura.

God Tricks Cyclone, Destiny or if you’re into over-sized: Bounty Hunter.

King Yo Star Bossman.

If you can just spend another $5, Th C3YoYoDesign DiBase.

Lots of good stuff.


How new? mine is really responsive with new response pads and always will snap back if I try something like plastic whip


If your metal drifter has spacers, it’s the older version. The newer one does NOT have spacers and the CW tends to match the color of the paint inside the outer portion of the rim.


for $10 more you could get yourself a onedrop cafe racer, they are really nice I think. or you could get like a DMII or something. DV888 of course is a good buy. Duncan echo and metro and raptor are pretty nice. You have a wide range of metals you could get for $50. But you may wanna even try derlin like a c3 halo or something. In the end you will get what is the most appealing too you lol and Im sure you will end up with a collection like I have of tons of throws I thought I would like and do not. Gotta find that right one ^^


That sounds way better than mine… DARN IT!!!


SO MANY YOYOS :o right now i am thinking about the metal drifter, echo, and yyf dv888. SO HARD TO PICK. also i know there is a od dingo anyone know if thats okay. OH, i need something that i can ding a billion times and will still play OK. thanks for all your answers all helpful. But i really dont know anything about the other brands. :’(


If you’re worried about something that can take dings…

Learn to play a bit better, and over soft surfaces, and dings go way down.

At the same time, most yoyos can take a fair amount of dings. If you’re banging into the ground, nothing will tolerate that.