What yoyo?

Hey guys so I’m new to this forum (for posting at least) and I have been into yoyo in for about a year off and on and the yoyo I currently have is the duncan metal drifter. I can do tricks such as brain twister split the atom and some 5a tricks but I never went farther and part of it is my yoyo i throw a good sleeper but my yoyo doesn’t sleep for long enough got me to learn new tricks and every time I get more that one string in the gap it binds up and smacks against my hand. So what I want is a intermediate yoyo that will sleep longer and allow me to progress. Some of the yoyos I have been looking at are yyj dark magic 2, yyj hit man, one drop rally(I haven’t been able to find many reviews on this), yyf protostar. Btw I can bind I just am not 100% proficient at it. Any other yoyos you might suggest? Thanks

Rally is an excellent choice

Other throws I’d consider would be:
Level 6

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Depends on your price range and what you want out of the yo-yo. Like if you wanted metal or plastic, v-shaped, h-shaped or curved(like the metal drifter), or if you wanted to do grinds or finger spins etc. I also have heard good things about the Rally.

I do not like the shape of the metal drifter and I dropped it on concrete once and it now dosent balance like normal so I want something that is gonna be fairly durable. I would prefer not to spen over 50$. I don’t know what I want in a yoyo cause the metal drifer is the only one I’ve had.
Also what would you suggest meatl or plasic. I will probably be carring this yoyo with me.

Both plastics and metals can be good. Plastics hit ur knuckles softer tho. I’d suggest the c3 speedoholcic. It’s like $14

How long is the spin time on this yoyo? Will it get me farther than my duncan metal drifter can? How far with this get me in terms of advanced/intermediate tricks?

I can hit everything I need on a speedaholic
It has a pad recess and large bearing which allows for less snags since it has a larger gap than the metal drifter. You could get a speedaholic and N12 for under $50 and make the decision yourself if you like metal or plastic more

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I will be getting a speedaholic cant beat 14$! Ill look into the n12.
Thanks for the help!

like he said it can do everything, the n12 is like $20 and a really good option, if I were you I’d start with the speedoholic and when you are ready for your first metal go for the n12

when I say ready I mean enjoy yoyoing enough and can bind and have learned enough to get you interested enough to try more of what’s out there.

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You definitely can’t go wrong with any of the Magic Yos, especially the n12, and the speedaholic is an awesome plastic yoyo for less than $20. I’d take Sparhawks advice and get both and see which one you like better, plastic or metal.

With the metal you’ll get longer spin times cause of the weight but the plastic doesn’t hurt as much as metal.

I’m pretty much quoting everyone else’s great advice but I’m doing so because it’s true. And any help you may need further we are more than happy to help here.

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like i said before i know how to bind. The speedaholic is on already ordered and i am ordering the n12 today. I am taking sparhawks advice and getting both to see whether i like metal or plastic better.
Thanks for all your guys help!

literally said nothing about whether or not u knew how to bind, sometimes it takes a cheaper throw to get into it and realize whether it’s something you want to commit more money into is all. Lucky for you the n12 is cheap too.