Good grinding yoyo?

I am planning on getting an arctic circle soon. I have a superstar and code 2 right now and compared to the superstar, the code to grinds amazingly. also, i have noticed that there is no sulfur smell after a thumb grind on the code 2. is the arctic circle better, worse, ect. than the code 2 for grinding. also, will it have the sulfur smell?

I don’t know what the sulfur smell is, so no comment there.

Arctic Circle doesn’t have a great inner ring for IRGs. You can do it, but you have to do it at a slight angle. It doesn’t have a “lip” like the Code 2 does.

Also, any particular kinds of grinds? Not too many will do a “better” IRG than the Code 2. I mean, there are really only a few levels: “can’t do it”, “can do it with some shenanigans like being off-axis”, “has a slight lip to assist”, and “has a big old lip, making IRG a snap.”

Code 2 is already at that last level, so you can’t really get much better than that other than perhaps different finishes or longer spin times.

Now, if you’re talking finger, arm, and palm grinds, that’s a whole different ball of wax. One I can’t comment TOO intelligently on. The MonkeyfingeR Design Lesula is the nuttiest yoyo I’ve ever seen for finger grinds.