Good find?

I just found a SuperYo Triple Play at a garage sale at the bottom of a toy bin for 25 cents. I did some research and found that it can be a looper or a sleeper by popping out the axle and turning the sides inside out.

It seems REALLY responsive, as i expected (about that of a Duncan imperial), but wouldn’t they make it sleep longer while in butterfly mode? It seems to sleep just as long in both modes…

anyways, good find, or “ehhh…” ?

For 25 cents, great find!


Yeah, it seems pretty cool.

I’ve never heard of it though.

Found it on yoyowiki:
(Click on image for larger image.)

@gm user
yea, thats it. it has glitter in it, though. i figure it could be a good training yoyo for beginners.

:smiley: That was totally my first yoyo! Got it in first grade, and still use it for looping today.

There might be some added friction in the yoyo if it is a ball bearing; I don’t know if it is. If yes, clean the ball bearing.

Good Find
You should know that there is NO reason it would sleep longer in butterfly mode.

I got one of those in fifth grade. I loved it.