Good editing programs?


I’m gonna start making videos I’m good at editing just never found a good program any suggestion thanks in advanced


Final cut pro


sony vegas
heck, for basic stuff, even something like windows movie maker works.

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It would help if we knew Mac/PC.
But I’ll give some for both.

Mac: iMovie, basic, but very effective. I still use it for rough cuts because it doesn’t need to render.
Final Cut Pro 7: Older version of FCP, still used by pros. Very effective, many advanced features, but expensive.
FCPX: New final cut, I love it, still slightly expensive, but very fast and precise.
Adobe premiere pro: Good software, similar to final cut, but very expensive.
adobe premiere elements: Cheaper version of Pro… Very nice, easy to use.

Sony Vegas- great for basic editing and more advanced stuff too.
Adobe stuff mentioned above works for PC too.
Windows movie maker: free, boring, but effective. Not the best editing program but it can arrange clips fairly easily.

Of these I recommend FCPX or iMovie for Mac, and Adobe Premiere Pro or Elements on PC. Hope this helps!


sorry im running pc