Editing program?

Does any one know any good editing programs for videos that are fairly easy to use, free, and you can make the clip and sounds play backwards and along with other good features? I currently use a windows vista with movie maker as my editing program.

Well I don’t know any good free ones (if you don’t count pirating). There’s a free trial for Sony Vegas Pro 10 on their site: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/vegaspro

This isn’t very helpful but I don’t wanna suggest random software that might be hazardous to your computer :/. I use Movie Maker too, and yeah, it only gets you so far…

Windows 7 with Windows Live movie maker…its a updated version of Movie maker…way better IMO…other than that i never found anything for free really…i say if u got the $$$ get Sony vegas

For what I do, free won’t cut it. I use Sony Vegas Pro 10. Version 11 is due out any day now, so I gotta fork over cash for the upgrade.

The thing is, whatever you end up using, expect a learning curve. Get used to it, don’t expect much right away. Its easier when your expectations are zero. Ask, learn, trial and error, don’t be afraid to fail. While you’re at it, have fun.

oh wow that looks reaally nice… I guess I won’t find something free so is there an alternative but the price tag isn’t so high?

I use sony vegas 9.0. I like it alot but it isnt free. Free dosen’t get you a whole lot. Also you have to encode videos diffrently to play them backwards so you can’t do it on a regular media player/editer either. You have to encode them backwards and then play them forward (which is then backwards).

No you don’t. Set the velocity curve to negative values for the clip. I’ve been doing that since the Vegas Pro 8 release.

My example is a 10-second countdown. Since it was a timer thing, I rendered it out as a clip, then apply the velocity curve in negative and it works.

Does anyone know if adobe afterfx can do all the stuff I asked?

Awesome, glad that I learned something, thanks. I will try that.

Oh my god, I’m such an idiot…I just right clicked on the video I put in vegas 9.0 and it had a thing that said REVERSE. And guess what that did…V8 hit. Anyway that is a good example of what just right clicking can do.