Video Editing Programs

So which video editing program is easy to use/easy to learn how to use it? I’m getting a camera soon and I wanna enter a video contest. I have my video planned out, now I just need it to be made, and I need to get the footage.

I was about to be like


But then I saw simple…

Imovie is super user friendly, that could work.

iMovie. Does everything you’ll need. I usually use Final Cut Pro (7 and X) but use Premiere pro sometimes too… They all cost too much, but adobe premiere elements is pretty cheap if I recall… Less than $100

I need something’s bit more advanced. And I have a PC not a Mac.

No you don’t. Software is like yoyos. It’s the editor, not the software. I can make something look as professional in iMovie as I can in Final Cut. (X or 7, I use both) For you, Adobe premiere elements is the way to go. Simple but effective. More advanced than imovie…

I got premiere pro. It’s cool.