What video editor do you guy's use

So I need a new editor some of you know that I got a nice new PC and previously I edited all my videos on my moms Macbook with imove but now I would like to edit them on my own PC butI can find a good program that I actually like. I tried lightworks and that’s not doing it for me I looked into adobe premeire but that $100 and I could just buy a new yoyo for that. I really wish they just made imovie for PC but Apple refuses to do that so… Any suggestions for a free or cheap editor? I can pay money for it I just don’t want to pay $100.

I use WindowsLive Movie Maker

Nope no windows movie maker for me that video editor is litterally the worst

any other thoughts?

well my laptop comes with a free version of power director which is what i use along side windows movie maker, however i am planning on getting an upgrades soon once i get the funds which is i am planning on buying pinnacle studio 18 or abode premiere elements 13 i cant decide though.

hmmm I’ll look into those


oh erik i found some tutorials for light works that might help you out here you are!

I watched those but the main problem is light works freezes nd crashes and I lose everthin I was working on but I think I’m just gonna buy adobe premiere elements cuz its 30% off right now

What’s wrong with Movie maker. It’s perfectly fine for simple splicing. Not sure how it does with 60fps though, because my camera doesn’t do that.

Yea but I like doing slow motion and color corection is nice and adding affects is nice and stuff like that so since elements is on sale I think I’m gonna go for it

I use windows moviemaker and a Flip camcorder XDXDXD
Such quality, wow, very moovee, so colorz (sry, I had to :P)