I’m not so proud with my editing so I want to know how you guys edit your videos (program?) and it’d be really helpful if you guys recommend a mobile app (I use iMovie its not the best on mobile)


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Windows movie maker but as soon as I get my laptop I am purchasing Sony studios 11.


Which one is less complicated?


VideoStudio Pro X3

I have After Effects but haven’t put in the time to learn it properly.

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I use Final Cut Pro X. Fun stuff.


Are they mobile (apps)?


You aren’t going to get much quality from a mobile application. For one, they are severely limited by the hardware they run on.


I’m too lazy to go on computer. I prefer mobile apps because its a lot faster and I can upload directly from my iPod I’m not a computer guy if it wasn’t for Apple I wouldn’t have found yye (I’m using the app as I text) so I just want a good app it doesn’t have to be all out professional just something to add effects and sound that’s it


Video editing requires horsepower. Ya get what ya pay for.


Wow this is the future? Too lazy to sit on your butt?


Nice. Autocorrect is amazing.

But in all seriousness, if you want a good editing program, you’re going to have to stop being lazy and get on your computer. Mobile applications won’t do much.


It’s not worth it my computer lags a lot plus it shuts down for no reason


Then I guess you’re out of luck.
Sorry. :wink:


Jee that’s helpful


Well, your history here shows that you have a number of issues where there either is no solution, or the generally accepted solution is not acceptable to you. So it’s very hard to help you out.

Once again, Sorry :wink:


I don’t want a professional video editing program I’m just asking people to suggest apps that are ok or good I really don’t expect much from apps