good video editor apps?


Well I want something to edit my yoyos videos on my phone because I want to make better videos (obviously) but I don’t know many good video editing apps. I would buy a software for my computer to do it but my computer isn’t all that great so I don’t even want to get into that. I’m looking for an application on android that will help me make good videos. I’m just wondering if anyone knows any good ones I should look into. I’ve tried many free ones but they don’t suite making yoyo videos or they’re not good. I’m willing to pay up to $4.99 for a video editor application that’s good. Anyone know any good ones that you use? Have you ever looked for one too?


What kind of phone do you have?


Wrong area of forums


I have an LG G2




Magisto Video Editor & Maker


if you can transer the vids to your laptop or PC, windows have a free sw called movie maker. It does every basic thing that you will need. It doesnt do anything fancy but basic trim, adding music mixing clips etc is possible.

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You don’t want to do that kind of stuff on your phone unless you have to.
Are you windows, mac,unix?


I haven’t personally used it, but I noticed some Android devices/ROMs tend to have some Movie Maker app pre-installed.

And depending on your phone, available free space, specs, and dedication, you could set-up a Linux chroot environment right on-top of Android, and use whatever video editing software exists for Linux (to an extent). Unless you have a really high-end device though, I can’t imagine this being worthwhile…