Movie Editors

What editors do you guys use to make videos?

I just use good ole windows movie maker, and my videos turn out like:


Not too good, but acceptable.

I used Corel VideoStudio x5 to make this:

I didn’t love the experience… I wanted more main video tracks in order to do comps and to simply manage my clips. I had to use the 20 other overlay tracks (why only 1 main and 20 overlay? I really don’t know) to keep my clips organized because it didn’t have a clip bin either…


You can easily do some cool stuff like standard transitions (I didn’t use any… transitions except for cross-fade are all gimmicky anyhow) and super-simple time lapses (when I get all sped up at the end is the obvious one, but in the “tunnels” section, parts of each corner were sped up or slowed down so that all more or less synced up… there’s an obvious use of it in the upper left, though I didn’t mind since I wasn’t trying to hide it or anything)…

So… overally, I think it’s pretty powerful for the low price. And handles more video formats than Windows Movie Maker. I understand that iMovie isn’t bad, though, if you have a Mac.

The top dogs if you have the money are probably Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere for Windows, or Final Cut Pro for Mac.

Just Windows Movie Maker for now, but I’ve been wanting to test out the video editing on Photoshop.

I use Sony Vegas Pro 10. Not for amateurs though.

Man you Canuckians really work under some extreme hardships what w/all the extra stuff like mitens and parkas ya gotta wear. :wink:

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Indeed! :slight_smile: I thought you were about to say “hardships like using VideoStudio x5”. Haha!

The parka was actually the trickier part of the occasion than the gloves. I used medium-thickness gloves, so it was manageable!

I am a video producer and have been using Final Cut Pro X for a while now.

My last completed production:

And my last completed yoyo related production:

It takes a while to get used to the functions and abilities within the program, but its manual features are such a pleasure to work with and fun to use.

Its a program I highly recommend!


I use Poe shot video editor its not the best or worst but I like it cause it’s very easy to use.

I like iMovie a lot it’s very easy to use and gets the job done efficiently.

All my videos I’ve done on my iPad, with Reel Director, iMovie, and SloPro apps. It’s not ideal, but I don’t have to be at my computer. Besides, my iPad handles the task without as much headache as trying to do it on my Dell Optiplex. Don’t be jealous. LOL