good durable yoyo?

looking for a good yoyo that is durable and I don’t have to worry about damaging it easily, but performs really well for 1A?

Price range?
otherwise, Legacy

I like the dm. It’s not really durable, but fairly. I used it for 4a and even when it got a lot of scatches you couldn’t really see them because the metal isn’t colored. But scatches don’t affect the play of the yoyo. Most of the durable ones are made for 4a.

yeah that’s why I was thinking. I only good yoyo I have is my Dv888 so I think I need to add to my collection and the dm is really cheap for the performance.

If you want a metal rimmed I would go with the new breed or atmosphere. They are made out of celon and won’t crack like the others. ( personally, my hitman hasn’t cracked in a year but I haven’t really banged it.)

how long does yyj silicon last?

Long time.

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