Durable Yoyo

So I’m looking to a good yoyo that I can mess around with without worrying too much about breaking/scuffing/chipping/devaluing it in any major way. I’ve tried a few YYJ and thus far I’m not a fan, that hybrid response crap is ridiculous imo, but that’s just my opinion. I was thinking of a Grindmachine or Prostar, or maybe even a half&half. Any other suggestions or opinions about the ones I’m thinking about?

Yoyo’s are made from metals or plastic or wood.
They will get damaged if you hit them. Your best bet is to buy cheap plastic or beater metal

Why do you hate the YYJ hybrid response? Do you think it’s too responsive? Have you tried playing responsive? If not, you need to try. It really makes your play a lot smoother.

As Justin said, anything you get will damaged if you hit it on things. Just don’t hit it on things and you won’t have to worry.

Not hitting things is a good practice in general, but I will also answer your problem.

What you listed is great. But you should give yyj another chance. Not all of their yo-yos are hybrid response. Mod a lyn furry and it will be perfect. Or get a moded fhz. I wouldn’t get a crucial because a lot about this subject is price and those are expensive

I would get a pgm it’s amazingly durable

The PGM or Protostar are a good choice.

The YYF Pocket Change may be worth a look too if you wish to beat it up. They’ve comparatively cheap, all the components can be replaced and swapped around. The parts are also interchangeable with the YYF Offstring (which also comes with 1a cups). There’s a discount on the store now, so you could purchase a yyf pocket change AND offstring for cheaper than a PGM or Protostar alone.

Metals are also very durable, and if you want a beater yoyo I’d check the BST forums. A pre-beaten yoyo can be had for the same price as a mint plastic… if it plays well you’ve got yourself a superior yoyo you won’t be afraid to ding.

I guess what I’m really asking is what is a good yoyo that I won’t care too much about should it get dinged up…so I guess I really am asking what’s a good yoyo for cheap lol. This whole thing basically the result of dinging my Genesis on my belt buckle and it damn near giving me a stroke.

As for the Hybrid response thing, idk. I just disliked playing with my speeder and DM every second that I played with them, in fact I sanded the starbursts right off lol. I felt like the yoyo would die alot because of the starbursts, and after I sanded them off they did play alot better for me. Just doesn’t make sense for me to pay money for a yoyo, and then immediately change it around just so I’ll like it… if that makes any sense.

I would go with a pocket change, they play well for the advanced player and are incredibly cheap.

I wanna start by saying the Half&Half is awsome and if you hit your buckle with it you probably can get away without a mark, delrin is strong, I know how you feel though I was getting reckless one day with my Hatrick and I hit a door after throwing some high speed matrix’s, I almost freaked but then I felt this sort of relief like a person would feel after being diagnosed with a terminal illness and only a year to live, I felt like I had nothing to loose now and I could play as reckless as I wanted with it now, like i do with my protostar, after closer inspection i saw that the beedblast acted like sandpaper, and it peeled up paint from the door, so with a little alcohol on a q-tip it was like brand new, right there I decided I wanted to get a nice yo-yo brand new that I could play with recklessly pass around to others and even open beers with, so I got a Def-E-Yo InTernal Termoil for this but I havent popped its “dent cherry” yet cause its so clean and fresh, so I keep playing safe and smooth like I do with the rest of my pieces, but after a while I do plan on passing it around to some “non’ers” to let them start the vintage look off for me, then I can start haveing that “nothing to loose” feeling again, but I understand why you wouldnt want to pay 90 for a yoyo you plan on giving the beatup gundum zaku look to, so get a beater, post looking for a beater yoyo in the forum and look into getting a used up smooth player at a cheap price, youl get a seller.