DM or DV888

At first glance I know it seems silly =P
Right now I have YYJ Legacy and am looking to upgrade. I can bind well, and I’m up to the advanced section 2. Should I buy a DM or just go straight to metal and get a DV888? Which one do you guys think would be easier to learn Advanced -> Master tricks with?

Thanks in advance =)

Oh also something that has been bugging me about metal yoyo’s… I’m one of those people that like to carry my yoyo in my pocket. Will the paint or whatever they use for color chip off or dull in my pocket?

dv888 gets the job done if you like small yoyos its a great first metal

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wwll if it were me i would to the Dv888 I went from a PGM straight to a Skyline when my best trick was Green triangle and i learn on a Skyline so like reedfeath said

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Both are amazing. The Dv888 is more likely to fit in your pocket and the anno won’t wear off. The DM is nice, but for $25 extra the Dv888. :wink: Hope that helped! ;D

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Okay thanks guys =)
I’ll go with the DV888

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