Good Deeds


I did a good deed today. I was walking down my local trail when I spotted a bird tangled in fishing line.
I picked it up and brought it back home, cut the line and set the bird free. It looked like a woodpecker but I’m not good on identifying birds. :smiley: Anyways, I put it on the ground and it quickly darted away and flew off to a nearby tree. It was beautiful to watch. It feels good to help another living thing.
And please, DON’T LEAVE FISHING LINE ALL OVER THE PLACE! Many animals get cut, permanently wounded and even die from such things. Many times when an animal get’s caught in fishing line, it is unable to move properly which will lead to it starving to death as it can’t hunt for food, or it’ll try to break free and it will cut itself, permanently injuring vital body parts (like it’s eye or leg). All these cases off people finding exotic or endangered species caught in fishing tackle, plastic stuff, oil, etc… are downright horrible and people should be more careful. Well anyways, there was a happy ending to this one! :slight_smile:


Today I got an aftermarket smart watch in my PO Box yesterday, but it was the wrong address, so I’m going to return it. Funny part is, that same day I said I wanted a smart watch… :o