Do some good.

Everyone on here is lucky. We have yoyos and, obviously, enough money in our pockets to buy them and support an entire industry. Don’t forget that and don’t forget there are lots more people out there who don’t have it as good.

Whether or not you celebrate Xmas, take a second to look around and recognize this season of excess and rampant consumerism. Take a second to recognize our abundance. Then, take a second to do some good. Give without profit. Help somebody out. Make somebody’s Xmas when they didn’t think they’d have one at all. Even if all you do is drop a little spare change in the Salvation Army bucket on your way out of Walmart, do that. Even if you don’t have much to give, give it. Somebody needs it more than you. You might change someone’s life for the better. You might change your life for the better. The kindness of others changed mine.


These are wise words. I used to Volunteer at the MS Society’s stuff a lot. They loved me and My Dad, since we did the same events for three years running. it is good to help out, with nothing in return. I know both ends of this, and it really is a great feeling, helping others selflessly. Waylon needs to be thanked for this post, it was much needed.