General-Yo news story

Cool stuff:


Too awesome for words Brother.

Wow, that is amazing, I agree, to awesome for words. One kind and selfless deed deserved another.

Incredible. I have no other words.

Way too awesome for mere words.

And that, in a nutshell, is what this community should be about. Giving when we can. And when you give without regard for return, it’s true giving.

I do the same thing myself. I seek out non-profit groups who need my services, then provided it for no costs to let them maximize their fundraising or to help others. I blow out my services for military because I support our armed forces.

Need way more stories like that!

Awesome story! Ernie, you ROCK!!!


yep that’s all i have to say

This certainly makes me want to buy a General-Yo. I wish more people would support people who do these type of things.

great, great segment. amazin’ story…



Good on you, Ernie!!

I’m curious to hear how his local news station found out about his good deed ???


This is so cool. I just removed 49 new Omega’s from ebay. These are the ones I got in the package deal last week. They will be going to our serviceman in combat. Anyone else want to get in on this? tim