I rescued a turtle today.


I rescued a turtle from a busy highway, and reloacated it to a nice river. And I took pictures of it beside my yoyo. lol


Haha you did a good thing buddy. Nice picture.


Congratulations on being awesome! ;D


Nice i rescued 3 turtles from a road that has a pond near by all box turtles. however there several nasty snapping turtles on that road i spotted 2 on the same day!


That was very Heroic of you.

Did you sign your name on it’s shell? That’s what my dad did when he was over-seas with the National Guard. They’d all sign their names on the shell. It’s ok, it doesn’t hurt the turtle.

BTW, that was a very legit thing to do. :wink:

(WildCat23) #6

Surprisingly enough, you aren’t actually helping the turtle. The turtle was headed for a specific place, and will probably cross the road again to get there.


You were helping the turtle, dude! Turtle population is in decline; and a lot of it is due to roadkill. :frowning: As long as you help the turtle to the side of the road it was headed for, it’s all good. Or, if you’re not sure, this time of year point them towards higher ground because most of the reason turtles are crossing the road at this time of year is to get to higher nesting sites to lay eggs.
This video shows an experiment someone did to see if people would intentionally run over turtles, and they did! 7 drivers intentionally ran the turtle over in the course of an hour! :frowning:


Where I relocated the turtle, It would take the turtle a week to travel to the closest road. So I atleast extended it’s life a week lol. It may will probably grow up to be a ninja turtle one day.


^^ Fixed that for ya. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing the pic!


Now that you saved it…if you play videogames
you should get a turtle beach headset xD
a reminder that you saved a turtle and just that the headset is sooo awesome


I should! I may wait till the new consoles comes out though…