Show ur reptiles or non reptiles

In this thread post pics of ur reptiles or nonreptiles. I would like to see pics please

Is this really a thread?

This, this is the guy…

This, this is the guy…

Used to have a Columbian red tail boa, he died due to health complications.

My double post . Stupid wifi lag…

My parents are pet people so I only have fish, and a cat but he got stolen and the other died…

The infatuation of reptiles seems like a phase that comes along in the early years of life (between 8-mid teens) from my experience. I’m now 35 and still enjoy exhibits at zoos and large pet shops. I’ve had everything from anoles to 13’ pythons. They were are unique in their own way. I still have a scar from a 3’ savanna monitor bite. He was a fat huge pig that had moody moments. My favorite reptile was a reticulated python. They are known for there length and attitude. I did my research and bought a baby hoping it would be docile but couldn’t even handle it after 6 months of trying so traded it in for something else. It was very pretty but could only look at it.



Ooh, I have a non-reptile too.

I have 4 crested geckos. 2 I got from a rescue situation where the people didn’t have the money or time, and maybe not even the knoledge to keep them.
And 2 where from eggs I hatched (they had been mated before I got them.) from the first good looking clutch of eggs the female produced.


Baby the day it was hatched.

Eggs in incubator.

thats so cool! We have a rescue leopard gecko!

I have a Male Leopard Gecko. He is realky chill and docile. He got bigger since he is now growing to be an adult so I have to get a 20 gallon for him. God Bless - Moefv

I believe it’s a more than valid thread but I would have liked a more specific post like “show off your reptiles”






my7 year old beardie named zelda, I also have a couple ball pythons but they are a bit skitish so I’mnot gonna take a pic of them


I have 7 non reptiles… Haha. 5 dogs and 2 cats

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