Corn Snake or Day Gecko? HELP!

Help Me!

Should I get a Corn Snake or a Day Gecko next? I’ve had a boy & girl pair of Crested Geckos for a few months now, but I just want an idea of what reptiles to get in like 5-6 months. I have a picture of an ideal enclosure for the Corn Snake and Day Gecko in my head. Thanks! Any yo-yoers near or in SF? :slight_smile:

corn snakes look real cool! other than that idk. i live in millbrae right next to the airport :slight_smile:

Thanks! Might ask my friend who’s a reptile breeder. . . :slight_smile:

When I saw this I was thinking you asking about Henry yoyos. ;D
I think the Gecko would be cool.

I am actually getting a Leopard Gecko when I come back from vacation. I think a Gecko would be best because you don’t have to buy mice or anything for it you can feed it mealworms or crickets. I think a Gecko would be much cheaper. It is up to you good luck! God Bless - Moefv

I was once thinking of having a snake as a pet. But I think that a pig would be awesome to have. I would totally go rescue a pig off some farm to save it from being eaten. I would take it back to my house, and we would be best friends for life.

Plus when he dies you’ve got a lot of awesome breakfasts ahead of you. JK of course. I’ve wanted a pig ever since I saw Hamlet the pig on youtube.

He’s a vegetarian. :wink: