Good 3a pair under $30?


I want to try 3a, but I don’t want to spend a ton. I was thinking classics, speedaholics, onestars, or fhzs.


Go Speedaholics


Magic Yos.

I’ve got a pair of T5s if you’re interested…

Seriously though, not trying to make this about pushing my yoyos on you. Magic Yos are cheap, metal and stable enough for 3a. I’ve been using them for a few days and so far the T5s haven’t let me down.


2 PSGs? thats all i can think of.


Tommy hit it. You can get a T5 on Amazon for $13. Great yoyo for the price, matched pair for less than $30.


Classics all day ;D


Do you mean each or total? I bought two YYR Diffusion 2’s for this purpose, for $70. They’re based on the Laser which has 3A specs.

If you want something cheaper a certain international site is selling 2-piece Speedaholic sets for $24 and 2-piece onestar sets for $25, and 2-piece Classic sets with extra bearings/pads for $26. Feel free to PM me for the site if you don’t know what I mean.

I’d get a set of Diffusions though. Obviously. Since I did. :slight_smile:

Just looking at the specs, the Classics look better than Onestar and Speedaholic. I’m judging this solely on shape. The Classic is a 58.5/41.42mm diameter:width rato = 1.41 which is right in the ballpark of most 3A metal sets. The high diameter:width ratio helps generate spin easily and keep the yo-yos stable.