FHZ or Protostar


I would like to get into 3a without smelling burnt ano every other second. here are the guidelines. I would prefer those yoyos in topic but feel free to recommend

1:under 40 dollars
2:must be plastic
3:size is no matter
4:weight is no matter
5:size C bearing


Protostar. Floaty, spins forever, perfect for 3a.


I wonder if id be able to buy a pair off a friend…


yoyojam kicksides. amazing for 3A


ive used a kickside. I dislike them with the burning intensity of 1000 dieing suns all collectively creating a massive black hole that will destroy the universe. :smiley:


FHZ it is really good


FHZ is good for 5A but Protostar seems to spin a bit better. Like I get this feeling that all I need to do is do tricks without caring anything about the spin going out. That’s why I call it “spins forever”.

FHZ is great too, as it’s supposed to do 5A but Protostar can have the same floatness.


I highly suggest a pair of Shinwoo Techno 2s. They are only $10. They are easily customizable, due to Shinwoo’s rubber response. I actually got a pair for 3A myself and they are great. :slight_smile: Kicksides or FHZ’s would also be great choices. Protostars would be good, but IMO when starting out its easier having two responsive yoyo or 1 responsive and 1 unresponsive compared to both being unresponsive.


Oh yeah, he’s right. Both being responsive is great. Even in worlds, they use 1 responsive and 1 unresponsive. 1slave25, your choice.