Gonna buy a bunch of cheap plastics

So I have all the metals I want, so instead of buying another 100 dollar metal, ive decided to buy a few cheap plastics. I had the protostar, but I just sold it. Im thinking about the Legacy, Lyn Fury (id put kpads in) and the Die-nasty. Im really open to anything 50 dollars and under. Thanks!

I would try out the metal rimmed YYJ. Both of the ones I have tried have been extremely smooth and I play my hitman more than my metals. I like the feel of it and it spins just as long as they do. I don’t like hybrid response however. You could also try a modded FHZ. People seem to like them a lot.

Dont buy the die-nasty trust me. the legacy is amazing. :wink:

Nothing is wrong with the Die-Nasty. Trust me or answer to Steve Brown

Oh, ill check out some modded FHZs. I owned a Dark Magic, but after i got into advanced tricks it was to snaggy on me.

Protostar, recessed FHZ, and v1 PGM are the best IMO.

the stacked pgm v.2 is awesome it’s one of my main throws.

I really liked my Protostar, and id buy a PGM v1 if i could find one! Anyone like the 15 dollar yoyojams, the celcon looks really nice to me.

Celon grinds quit well. I like the lyn fury, but that is the only one I’ve tried.

I say try the Flying Panda. Break in/clean the bearings, remove a sticker, grab a counterweight and you’ve got one heck of a 5a player. Or, you can keep it for 4a. Your choice.

it is just a cheapier and worse version of the pgm imo, it has a horrible vibe and the bearing spacers are imposible to get off. I think that there are better yoyos for the same price (lyn fury, speedmaker…).

i decided to order the lyn instead of the dienasty. ill prolly order some more stuff soon. thanks guys!

OK ready, IMHO i think you should get.

New Breed- i think it better than most metals out there
Protostar- same as new breed
X-conVict- because it owns on grinds and you can put k-pads and shims in it.

and that’s what i think.

Thanks for the help.

I had a Protostar, but decided to sell it.

I siliconed my new Lyn, and cleaned the bearing. Its pretty nice. Decent spin times and stability, good grinds, and almost vibe free. Also the silicone (well actually they are thick string theory pads) work fantastic. Id recommend it.

Words spoken like a true yoyo’er

Buy a modfodder (FHZ), a YYJ hybrid and some loopers.