Golyat or Diffusion??!

Got a Rally recently, and its got me liking plastics more and more. I’ve got a replay pro which I like a lot too.
I’m looking at either the Golyat or the diffusion2 to add yo my plastics collection. Does anybody have experiences with either or both? I’m leaning towards the diffusion because of its shape is less ‘organic’ and the cup looks like you can easily do fingerspins with it. It’s also cheaper which I always nice.

I think this is like my fourth golyat related post today, but I’ll say it again. Get a Golyat!! Even though the cup has that metal insert, it’s still great for fingerspins. The delrin plastic is so smooth and still fingerspins great even on my bare finger tips. It’s very fast despite the large size. My only complaint is that the bearing is noisy, but I only got this throw yesterday so the bearing probably needs to break in still.

now I can’t speak for the golyat but I own a diffusion 2 and it is a great plastic. Dead smooth, has a solidity feel but also floaty. Great dome for fingerspins. It is extremely fun to throw. It’s stable as far as plastics go. Even introduced me into horizontals when I landed my first banana turnover. If you end up with a diffusion(preferable Diffy 2), you’ll be happy you picked one up.

Anybody out there who has played both? I wish I could try them out first :confused: I like how the golyat is a machined plastic, so that might be enough to tip the scales for me.

Golyat over Diffusion by a mile, totally different feeling both the type of plastic and the “in the hand” feel. The Diffusion feels like a much cheaper yo-yo IMO, whereas the Golyat has me waiting (im)patiently for the white one to be released so I can get another.