Diffusion vs Addiction vs Rally


I’ve heard great things about the diffusion as pretty much the best plastic on the market right now, the rally as a pretty good plastic but a bit bland, and I haven’t actually heard about people talking about the addiction that much…

Which do you think is the best out of the 3? And give your reasons.


The Addiction

It’s almost a tie-up with the Rally performance-wise, but its price make me lead people toward it more easily. Plus I don’t really like the feeling of the Rally in play, and I find the Addiction more comfortable in the hand.


I vote new Diffusion. I have all 3 and the Diffusion is the one I cannot put down. Nothing else plays like it. It’s gorgeous, it’s clear, it’s fast, it’s slow, it’s solid, it’s floaty. I don’t know, but I love the Diffusion and for the price it’s the best unresponsive yoyo in the world, IMO.


I just have the Diffusion 2 (two clear ones), but they’re incredible. I was blown away by how good plastic yo-yos have gotten. I’d venture the Diffusion 2 is better than the Addiction simply because YYR > sOMETHiNG, but I wouldn’t even hazard a guess about the Rally since it uses very different materials. There’s also the Crazy-D to consider, which I’ve heard good things about.


laughed way more than I should, thanks, you made my day!!


The original Diffusion is probably not better than the Addiction… :wink:


Heretic! Burn him! Burn him!

Oh you said original Diffusion. Yeah, maybe :wink:


Can anyone compare the 2 stability wise and horizontal wise?


Hmmm…not me unfortunately. I am god-awful at horizontals. But Diffusion 2 has similar shape and weight distribution to Laser which does horizontals fine. I’m in speculation territory here though. Maybe someone else can help you.


On both sides the Addiction wins hands down