Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!

(Bína) #561

First look on our new “TUSK”! Be sure to follow us on instagram to catch all informations over next few days :slight_smile:



How much is the tusk going to retail for. Any idea?

(Bína) #563

Yea, we have pretty good idea about its price :slight_smile: It should be revealed today with rest of info.

(Bína) #564

The Shift is the best choice if you’re looking for incredible performance at an affordable price. If you’re looking for your first bi-metal yo-yo, this is a top notch option. The ‪#‎Rave‬ was regarded as one of our best models, however we wanted a model suited for a fast and more technical style. Thus, we built a smaller yo-yo with a wide V-shaped catch zone that’s phenomenal. The Shift brings that subtle but powerful bi-metal feel and definitely will not disappoint.

Weight: 64 g
Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 45 mm

Release date: February 28
Price: $74.99


Tusk model has a totally new design that is not based on any of our previous models. The Tusk brings you unique performance: rim weight distribution that keeps the yo-yo stable at all times and a smooth surface that allows tricky grinds. The new model features two colorway types: acid wash and acid wash with splash.

Aside from its stunning aesthetics, the Tusk will knock you out with its agile performance and great speed.

Weight: 66 g
Diameter: 55.5 mm
Width: 45.2 mm

Release date: February 28
Price: $39.9/$44.9





Sums up how I’m feeling right now.


It looks like the reality of the devalued Yuan is starting to show up here on YYE.

These guys are just killing it. Domestic manufacturers will need to bring more to the table than fancy colors splashed on old models.


I know. These yoyos and these prices. :o

(The Yo mast3r) #569

Is it me, or does the shape of the Tusk remind you of a Genesis.

(Spinworthy Glen) #570

It’s you.


It’s definitely you.

If you’re going to compare it to something, it’s more alike to a Skywalker. But it doesn’t matter. There are X number of unique ways you can shape a yoyo and still have it be playable and useful. I’m frankly astonished that we don’t have MORE yoyos that share a similar look.


The Tusk is having a very unique feel and I love how it plays! It is a very good mono-metal yoyo!
The Shift is a concentrate of power and the slightly smaller diameter makes it perfect for intricate tricks!


where’s the tusk?

(Bína) #574

Announcement regarding stock Yoyofficer bearing:

We love our grooved 10 ball bearing, but unfortunately latest runs seems to have lower quality than we see as acceptable and so we decided to not use them in our yo-yos anymore.

After some search, we found new supplier, that will provide string centering bearing(flat center with angled sides) in quality we demand. We want to provide you with best playing yo-yos for the price and good centering bearing is part of that, so this change was necessary .

You can expect new runs released in few weeks to be already affected by this change.


Any plans on a full run of twilights?


A) What’s a Twilight?

B) Been loving the Shift I acquired. It’s a fairly humble “jack of all trades” kind of yoyo, a bit on the lighter side (in a great way), fantastic finish… definitely well worth the money for anyone considering one.

(Spinworthy Glen) #577

I’m a team member, and I’ve never heard of a twilight before. Lol

(Bína) #578

Twilight is model that was produced for our distributor in Korea. We don’t plan to release it worldwide right now.

(Bína) #579

Introducing Yoyofficer Urban


Our recent models focused on lighter feeling and agile play and we loved them for that. But sometimes it’s good to pick up something tougher, someting packing lot of punch and power. And for that, we bring you the new Yoyofficer Urban.

Don’t be fooled by its 66.1 g weight, Urban plays heavier and more stable than this number would suggest. The shape combines quite organic curves with open catch zone and above average width. Add balanced distribution of weight to this and you get a very versatile yo-yo. Relaxed play at bus stop, patient crafting of new tricks, or winning contests, Urban will fit in all of these roles.

Urban also represents small revolution in look of our yo-yos. Apart from 8 stunning splash finishes, it will utilize our brand new beadblasting. We worked long and hard to get beadblasting to this level and we believe we can offer you one of best surfaces on the market. It is really smooth, slightly more matte, and it feels simply amazing.

Weight: 66.1 g
Diameter: 55 mm
Width: 46 mm
Gap Width: 4.6 mm
Surface: New higher quality blasting
Bearing: Strin centering bearing ( Wing shaped )
MSRP: 49.9 USD




Looks awesome. :slight_smile: