Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!


Does it play better compared to a CZM8? Been waiting to see if I should get it or if it will be too similar. Trying to decide which YYO should be my first :slight_smile:

(Bína) #542

It’s really different yoyo, from really different specs, shape (quash is more straight v shape, not step straight like czech point) to completely different weight distribution.


So how would you describe it? Lighter then? More stable?


It’s lighter and a I would say a little faster. Very stable for it’s weight, but czech point probably has it beat stability-wise.


Thanks! Will keep that in mind. Is there any other yyo you would recommend?


Buggot, it’s all about the Nifty. The Nifty rules. Nifty is the king.

Stacked up against all my yoyos and all the yoyos I’ve ever owned, it still shines brightly. I’ve loved too many yoyos to literally have a “top-5” anymore, but it’s a “top-5” kinda yoyo for me.


Nifty excels in all the areas I truly care about-- it’s a fairly lightweight (but still very stable!) joy to play. But I’ll admit that it’s not the absolutely longest-spinning yoyo in history. I do not care about the world’s longest spins, though. If the Nifty spins long enough for these guys, it spins long enough for me:


It also has a great feel and performance on regens, so if you don’t mind doing a regen to extend a combo, there’s that!

(Spinworthy Glen) #547

There is no doubt that Nifty is one of YYO’s greatest. It’s a unique throw.

I would also strongly recommend the Hatchet 2. It has a great balance of everything.

(Bína) #548

Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook in next few days for all info about our new Bi-metal model!


(Bína) #549

What can we tell you about the Yoyofficer RAVE? We designed it from scratch, and we used the Bi-metal design to its maximum potential. We got feedback on prototypes from our team, from many top players at WYYC, and from many other people from all around the world to make the final product as good as possible.

It’s the best yo-yo we ever made, rocking on stage and still super fun to just play day after day.

Being a Bi-metal design with so much weight on rims, it has a unique feel. On throw, it might feel heavier and more solid to you than it should for 65 grams, but after a short play, you will get to love that feeling. It can accelerate like nothing else, while you still keep great control over every movement. Not to mention its superb long and stable spin.

For 99 USD it’s not the cheapest yo-yo, but we think its price-to-performance value is just amazing.

Stainless steel rings and 6061 aluminium body.
Available in 3 acid wash finishes and solid silver, all with beadblasted surface.

Diameter 55 mm
Width 44 mm
Weight 65 g

Worldwide release on 25th September



Been throwing the Rave all morning since they came in. I’m very impressed with it, definitely my new favorite YYO throw!


When will the Rave be restocked? I wanted to buy one after I tried one at Nats but YYE hadn’t updated yet, come on today and they have 2 silver left… :-\
First yoyo that I Really, Really, liked.

(Bína) #552

When we make more of them, right now we are sold out.

Yea, silver was proposed by some of our team members, but it doesn’t seem to be best seller.

(major_seventh) #553

I’m incredibly surprised it didn’t sell out the first two days.


Me too, it’s amazing.


Still waiting on slow int’l shipping. :wink: But it should be here this week!


I dig the silver, but I’m a solid color guy all the way for bi metals. Seriously contemplated picking one up.


Do it. Its really great. I love solid silver. Will end up with a second one for sure.


Just wondering. How does it compare to the Leviathan 7? Does anyone know? I just think theylook really similar.


Wish I could tell you how they compare, I only have the Rave. The Rave is a fun, stable, and fast throw. Also very comfortable in the hands. Some have said that it could be seen as the “little brother” to the Leviathan 7 on one of the reviews here.

(Bína) #560

RAVE is back in stock, so it’s time to sum up videos we made with RAVE :slight_smile: