Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!

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that new hatchet promo is probably one of the best promo vids ive seen in awhile for just quality.

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New promo from Ondra and me, featuring head statue of Franz Kafka :slight_smile:

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Please welcome Paolo Alto to Yoyofficer team!!

23 years old Paolo is from Philippines and he has been yoyoing for 15 years. He focus on 5A and he is really amazing in it, with 6 consecutive Top 3 finishes at Philippines nationals!

You might know him for his great skills in video editing and visual effects, that brought him victory in 2013 Rewind video contest. So look forward for many high quality videos from him.

And one interesting fact about Paolo, he hates cucumbers :slight_smile:


Anyone know who the artist/song is in paolo’s 5a may video?

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Awesome, thanks.

This thread reminds me that I need to get a kilter 2. So much yoyo for $30.

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We have been little quiet lately, but now we are back with many new lovely yo-yos :slight_smile:

You can expect new run of Hatchet 2 and Imp and brand new model releasing soon!


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New run of Imp and Hatchet 2 soon in stores:



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Introducing Yoyofficer Quash

With our mid-range models Imp and Lava, we wanted to offer mid-sized and light yo-yos, that would be a great fit for many competitive players. Our latest model Quash is designed with the same idea, but offers even higher level of play.

This time, we opted for simple V-shape and larger 45 mm width to provide really generous catch zone. The weight was reduced to 63.7 g to ensure even faster and more agile play. It resulted into light and really fun to play yo-yo, that still can rule on stage.

Diameter: 54.1 mm
Width: 45 mm
Weight: 63.7 g

Comes in 6 different acid washes, all with beadblasted finish and equipped with our grooved 10-ball bearing.




You guys release some pretty awesome stuff. It would be really cool if you released a 7075 competition yoyo to rival some of C3 and YYR’s stuff! I’d buy that up in a heartbeat.


Sounds good so far!

(Bína) #532

No plans for 7075, in our opinion it’s not really worth it.

But maybe we will cook up some Bi-metal :slight_smile:



63.7g? Yuss please!

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can we get a silver quash…


Bi-metal YYO, yes please!!!
Should we start a survey to convince you guys? :wink:
I am pretty convinced of the positive resonance…!

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Do you have any question to designers and owners of Yoyoficer? I will visit them during august, so if you want to know anything, send us your question on our Ask.fm.

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Bi-metal yoyos are getting more and more popular and they are probably future of competitive yoyoing. We wanted to join this trend, but just sticking metal ring on existing design seemed pointless, so we took our time and designed our Bi-metal model from scratch.

With brand new design and stainless steel rings on outside of rims, we produced our best yoyo yet. We made small run of prototypes for our team and to gather feedback from top players at WYYC in Tokyo.

Right now we are making some changes, preparing more prototypes, but we hope for full release in upcoming months.


R for ricochet


Any plans for a Titanium throw?


The QUASH is now available!

This one really impressed me, i’m not usually a fan of light v-shaped yo-yos, but i’ve been throwing this nonstop today!  Really fast and surprisingly stable, I definitely recommend.  Can’t wait to try that bi-metal too!