Help me upgrade from my plastic.


Hi, I’m looking for an upgrade from my current plastic yo-yo. I know my current yo-yo still outplays me but I just want to get a good metal yo-yo for 1A. I have limited space so I’d prefer to keep my collection to a maximum of 7 yo-yos and I already have 3 plastics and I will be getting 2 more when I get into 2A. At this stage, I only want to get two high end/semi-high end yo-yos. I’m keeping my plastics because I am kind of teaching my brother. Most importantly, I can spend anywhere from $0 to $300 but I am hoping not to go past $150 atm. I don’t mind buying used but if I can go new, I’ll go new.

I can bind but not very creatively. I’ve only been playing with my plastics and am still satisfied with them. They are Butterfly shaped with high, narrow walls between the gap (hate this). Seeing how I have two identical yo-yos except for their weight (70g and 64g), I VASTLY prefer the 64g. I only use the heavier one because it’s a bit wider and spins longer. With that said, I’d like something stable, feels light on the string, and can move quick (when I try playing fast). The one other important thing is I need to have access to response pads that are ready to go.

What I think of my skill level: not very good but I’m apparently Advanced here but I have not done any grinds, slacks, suicides, whips, lacerations. Well this is because my yo-yo tends to respond and it’s plastic.

Of course, aesthetics count for something as well but that I’ll have to judge myself.


The new amplitude sounds perfect for you

There’s also the bimetal japanese throws that are considered top of the line but are pretty spendy

That includes:
Leo Sniper
Draupnir (considered best playing by most these days)


Or you could get the code 1


If I were going for a onedrop I’d probly take the format C over the code 1 even though it’s a little bit heavier but the V shape is more suited for horizontal and other play


You could always go for the shutter


I’ve played a lot of yoyos and the best one I’ve played under $150 is the One Drop Valor.