Looking For a New Metal

Im looking for a metal to buy…dont know what to get :frowning: please help!

  1. Medium-Small size
  2. Round Butterfly, or Pointy
  3. Hybrid or Silicone
  4. Maintain
  5. Red, Black, Blue
  6. String Trick
  7. 0-$120
  8. Semi-Advanced

For you, I would reccomend a CUT, I think they are pointy-ish shape, and has a silicone sticker.
It’s also about medium, so that might be something to think about.

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Undersized, Round Butterfly, Silicone Pads, Many Colors, and in your Price-Range!

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i just got an m1 today i like it A LOT. it’s small but lands on the string like it’s twice as wide. it’s very nice. i;m going to go throw it right now.

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Try a Dif.

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I got my P2 today and I think it matches most of your prefernces. Its small (5 cm), silicone repsponce, has all of your colors you want, it great for string tricks, and is $90. Its flat rimmed with a 5 degree angle but if you dont really care then get the Project 2!

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dude, you like the types of yoyos i like, except for the hybird and black yoyos part. anyway, i recomend the dv888, even thought it has flat rims, it feels good and plays like magic. it wont kill your wallet either. other suggustions: p2, m1, 888, superstar, and the bad rep.

hope this helps. :wink:

Any of the yoyos by dif-e-yo would be good.

Very nice, basic metal yoyos that play very well.

Awesome play, at an awesome price.

They come with KK bearing already installed and have flush mounted dif pads.

Great yoyos.

If you are looking at something a bit out of the ordinary, have you checked out the yoyos from rollout?
Like the rollout R1.
Different, but a really nice player.

Other options would be the onedrop m1.
Undersized and really smooth play.

Something even cheaper of all the metals that I know of would be the oochyo from Rhod-e-yo
Very smooth yoyo and has an awesome finish and look.
And for only 40 bucks?
Its a real steal!

Just some suggestions for you.

Good luck with whatever you choose!



A pistolero? It’s red and Black!

I’ll go with gm on this one the cut sounds great for you.