Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!

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Oh no! What will they do now?!?!?

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Nifty isnt selling super well, so most stores still has them in stock. But there are plans for next run.


The Nifty is the one I would want the most. People are strange!


The IMP!

I Love the new laser engravings on one of my favorite Yoyofficer yo-yo’s.

If you have not tried one of these fabulous yo-yo’s; I highly recommend you do so. This is the perfect companion to the Lava and and a just joy to throw. If you get one; you will not be disappointed :slight_smile:

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Please welcome Glen Kempster to Yoyofficer team!

Glen is not your typical team member, he used to yo-yo for some time in 90s, but he started with modern yo-yo just one year ago. He is not here to crush contest or make tons of videos, but for his pure love of yo-yoing.

Glen works as teacher in Australia, he spreads yo-yoing between his students and will be starting yo-yos classes soon.


We also might introduce more new team members soon :slight_smile:


Bina thanks for answering everyone’s questions here! My orbis comes today I’m so excited to have my first yoyofficer throw! Any plans for more of the brave or hatchet models?! Thanks again! :v:️:sparkles::+1:


Yoyofficer is so awesome!
Each and every throw is unique though they all have something in common: they play like beast!
I picked a Crayon on the BST last week and this is so cool! You have so cool models before Hatchet!!
It’s only a pity they are not that easy to find…
Please continue the same way!

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New run of Berry X Yoyofficer Nifty is here!

Coming in four signature editions for Ondrej Horak, Frantisek Bina, Robert Kucera and Zdenek Hybl.


And Orbis is back in 5 new colours that are already available at Yoyoexpert!!

(pictures missing on YYE right now)


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So barely legal hanged their name?

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It’s difficult with them. They used to have sub brand called Berry, but decided they want to be known just as Barely Legal. But since their name happens to be problematic on some markets, we decided to go with Berry on this new run.

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Can berry be sold in US?

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Ask US shops, we were offering even previous run of Nifty to them, but they disliked Barely name(and I can understand that)

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Berry seems less abrasive though. I will ask.


YOYOFFICER Imp and Nifty are now available here at YoYoExpert!


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Hatchet was released in October 2013, it quickly became top favorite of our team and was our most praised model between players all around the World.

Now, 1,5 years later, it’s time to bring it back and even better, so get ready for Hatchet 2!!



pink nifty


I’m excited! Hope there is a green colorway :slight_smile:

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Yoyofficer Kilter represents a lot of things - first metal yo-yo for many beginners, cheap pocket throw for everyday use, great starting point for 5A and 3A, excellent competition model for players on tight budget and our best selling model. We are proud to bring you new generation of this budget all rounder.

For Kilter 2 we started with shape of the first Kilter, but made two important modifications. We gave Kilter 2 bulkier rims and new step next to the gap and thanks to these changes, Kilter 2 is now closer to H-Shape than original model.
We also shaved off 0,4g of its weight, making it faster, more agile and more pleasant to play, while keeping it stable and long spinning as first Kilter.

Available worldwide(and of course on Yoyoexpert) on 2nd April in 6 solid colors for 29,9 USD. And as always, comes with beadblasted surface and our 10-ball grooved bearing.



Hatchet 2 is our new top competition model, full-size with really powerful spin and universal for wide range of styles of play.

We loved the original Hatchet and for second generation we kept it mostly the same. It comes with same open H-shape and proportions, 56 mm diameter and 44,7 mm width. However, we were able to reduce its center weight, shifting weight distribution significantly more toward rims. This will allow the Hatchet 2 to achieve an even higher level of play

Hatchet 2 weighs in at 66 g and is slightly lighter than original, yet it feels more solid, is easier to control and offers even more stability and longer spin time.

Available worldwide on 2nd April in 5 color combinations for 59,9 USD.


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And Ryan Gee already prepared video with new Hatchet

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Kilter 2 video from Ilya

And for Hatchet 2 we also prepared product promo video, more common for electronics and rarely seen in yo-yo