Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!



At any rate, at that price, it’s not a question of ‘if’ I buy, but more ‘how many’. :wink:

Great to see a video from you as well Bina, its nice to put a face to the name. You’ve got some serious skills right there, it was tough to keep up at times! :smiley:


Looks great, I’ll be interested to see how the finish is as I know a lot of people don’t like anything that isn’t blasted…


I’m one of those, and these are not blasted. But at $29.50, gotta recover some cost somewhere, so I can understand the non-blasted decision even if I don’t like it. :wink:

(Bína) #484

It’s just asian thing, they like glossy finishes. I was convincing them for long time before they started making beadblasted yo-yos. Before Hatchet, it was just Brave.


^ I’ve noticed this as well. Look at how many YYR and Turning points are un-blasted, it seems they just love the shiny look…


They do seem to. But I’ll tell you what… I have zero regrets about selling my glossy Krown in order to buy a blasted one. :wink:


I have a guy who refinishes my Oakley X-Metal sunglasses and he blasts to many different finishes…maybe I’ll pick up a couple of these and send them to him for some test runs :slight_smile:


For so cheap, you can probably just play the raw blasted until it loses its texture, but for best results you will need to re-ano after having it blasted.


Interesting… Both Orbis and Pause are 64 grams…

(Bína) #490

I got some questions about fastest Yoyofficer, well here is my prelim with Orbis


Where’s the. Pause? I can’t find it for sale, and was t the release supposed to be Saturday?

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #492

Some stores have got it but will not name the store.


No need to worry, the Orbis and Pause will definitely be released this week! ;D

There will be an announcement in the next couple days when they are ready to release!





Yes!  ;D


Bina, would you agree with Chris Rhoads that the Orbis is a more mello and relaxed yoyo?

(Bína) #497

I wouldn’t say that about Orbis. I think it can play quite fast and reacts really fast to changes in movement. It’s not super energetic and isn’t faster than player like some other yo-yos with similiar weight, it gives you more control over play.

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For this Christmas, we prepared special limited re-run of one of our most popular models - IMP!

It’s same design, but comes with new engraving, our premium grooved bearing and lower price $36.90.


(Bína) #499


And we also has new run of Lava coming to stores this week!



Still no new nifty colorwayz
Am disapp