Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!


Specs and moar pics


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Pictures tomorrow!

And I made new video after almost 2 years :slight_smile:


So, will the Pause be at YYE at the same time that the Orbis is?


…slow down…lol

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Maybe, that’s up to YYE.

Actually I slow down for videos :slight_smile:


has YYE already ordered the Pause?

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fantastic. Now, can the entire shipment be sent directly to my house? lol


Geez Bína, you really got some sick skills! Great vid and awesome tricks! More vids asap please! ;D

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Yoyofficer Pause comes in really shiny glossy finish with vibrant colors. Just $25.90.

Yoyofficer Pause video from our team member Wu and guys behind our brand, Ma and Hong.


I can not wait until they get to YYE! Also, where can I buy YYO t-shirts?!?!?!

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Right now we have T-shirts just for team.

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Yoyofficer Pause is the brainchild of the predecessor YoYofficer Crayon. Based on its shape, Pause is a undersized yoyo which is fairly light to play on the spec sheet. However, do not let the spec sheets fool you. It packs a punch!

Undersized yoyos are made to squeeze through those tight triangles and complex tricks you created. Pause is that perfect yoyo to do just that job. The shape is rounded but still maintaining the low wall for those stable spins during play and wide catch zone for safe landing of tricks.

But Pause is not just good competitive yo-yo, it’s mainly really fun pocket throw! It can transfer from fast high-scoring tricks into slow and relaxed play in the blink of eye. And its lower weight ensure nonfatigue play for long time. Pause will quickly grow on you and you will carry it everywhere.

And since it retails just for 25.90 USD, everybody can afford one!

Diameter: 52mm
Width: 41mm
Weight: 64 grams
Gap width: 4.2 mm
Bearing: Flat C size
Surface: Glossy

Release 25.10.2014


Nice! Glad it’s on the lighter side to match its low diameter. It’s rare that 66+g yoyos in the undersized category do anything for me.


Can’t wait


Never tried a YYO, but I can’t say no to that!


Try a Lava