Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!


I believe lava replaced the aura in production.

(Bína) #442

We don’t make Aura anymore(it’s almost 2,5 year old model) and we don’t have plans for another run. Maybe we will do Aura 2 in future, but nothing soon.

(Bína) #443

Yoyofficer Orbis promo video from Ondra.
Orbis was designed for horizontal finger grinds and Ondra knows how to show it.


It’s so beautiful…


This may have been asked before; when will the Orbis be available?

(Bína) #446

Yoyoexpert didn’t ordered them yet. You can go and ask them.


I can’t wait to try the ORBIS i just ordered


Man, that’s one sweep throw with excellent specs, and even cooler colorways! Looks like a winner again yyo! Gotta get me one asap!

(Bína) #449

Good news, Yoyoexpert Ordered Orbis. :slight_smile:

And here is video from our newest team member Ryan Lim, throwing Orbis.

(Bína) #450

Last week, we posted this message on our Facebook:

Many of you noticed hidden message in it and found out about our new model :slight_smile:

Today, we gave you another clue


[size=10pt]Be sure to follow us next week for release of our new model, that will be little different from our standard offerings. And it will be available at Yoyoexpert![/size]

And because YYE forum is my favorite place, here is little sneak peak just for you guys - Pause logo that will be engraved on each yo-yo.



Can’t wait for more info (Like I need to add another yoyo to my wish list).


LoL, IKR. I was already to get the Orbis or the Lava, but then this is announced… What in the world should I do? ???

(Bína) #453

Just wait few days, I think deciding between Orbis and Pause will be really simple.


Luckily, you can get 2 or 3 YYO yoyos for the price of 1 yoyo from other companies (well, or even MORE depending on the company) so you don’t have to limit yourself to buying just one! :wink:


Um, Does this mean the Orbis/Pause will be like Draupnir/Original?


If the hints add up, I think he means more that they’re two totally different yoyos. Given that most people have SOME sort of preferences, it’ll be an easy choice.

But I can’t speak for the man…

(Bína) #457

Lets say Orbis is fullsize and really wide model for freestyles and horizontal finger grinds. Pause is none of that :slight_smile:


A looper…?

(Bína) #459

We don’t focus on niche and dead market, sorry. Also it would be problematic basing looper on 1a Crayon :slight_smile:

(Bína) #460

Pause is full metal yo-yo just for $25.90

Check out video of Michael throwing Pause. Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel, we will post more Pause videos this week :slight_smile: