Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!

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In few days we will release our new model. For these familiar with our naming scheme, you know it’s now time for O, so here is small sneak peak for name :slight_smile:


i want to know teh gap width

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Most of our yo-yos uses 4,2mm, 2nd run of Lava and Musket 4,4. Nifty is 4,3 I think. Dont know new model right now.

(Bína) #424

We are glad to announce upgrade of our stock bearing!

After long search, we found local supplier offering this high quality bearing and we are really happy with it.

Great play is assured by concave shape, groove in middle and 10 balls. And higher precision manufacturing should offer long lifetime with less maintenance.

Coming stock in Yoyofficer yo-yos, starting with upcoming “O” model.


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Introducing the Yoyofficer ORBIS.

Design of the Orbis is based on feedback from our team and mainly on many long talks with players from all around the world, that we met at the World Yoyo Contest. When we combined this great feedback with our designs, we created one of the best yo-yos we have ever made.

The specifications meets today‘s standards for competition throws, with almost full-size diameter and more width. We really focused on weight distribution, to achieve lower weight for better feel and faster play, while keeping good stability and spin time

We also revisited our first model Aura. We took its hub designed for horizontal finger grinds and tweaked it, to make this style of tricks even easier. This is also reason why there is no logo on hub area.

As always, Orbis comes in range of acid wash finishes with beadblasted surface. And it will be shipped with our new premium bearing.


Diameter 55,5 mm
Width 45 mm
Weight 64 g
Gap width 4,3 mm


Starting with Orbis, our team will get special limited edition




Such nice price


Oooh that Yoyo looks awesome!!


I want 3.


Looks great! Love the weight!


Those looks nice Bina. May have to pick one up.


64g, hooray!


Looks like I have found my first Yoyofficer throw :slight_smile:


That hub…
My finger is ready to spin




Great looks. Great specs. So how much and when will it be released?


50USD. It says on the post.


When and where???

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Not sure if Yoyoexpert ordered. You can check our Facebook for mroe info.

About when, it depends when shop order and also with Chinese customs checking every package for smuggled iPhone 6, it can take few days.


Will yoyoexpert restock the Aura ever?
I want one