Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!


Review is up!  :slight_smile:


(Bína) #402

Yoyoexpert release their restock of Yoyofficer. Lava and Musket with wider gap and in new colors and new beadblasted run of Kilter and Jaeger!


When was the hatchet made?


(Bína) #404

Hatchet was released last year in October, I remember being excited for it and waiting on DHL to get me mine before Czech nationals :slight_smile:

(Bína) #405

Sorry for no activity in past month, it was really busy for me. Firstly Yoyofficer team went from China to Prague for WYYC and they were staying at my place. Than WYYC itself came and I was one of volunteers there, so it was hard work for me whole four days :slight_smile:

We had in total 6 team members competing at WYYC in Prague and two of them made it into finals. So congratulation to Wu and Brian.
After WYYC, Yoyofficer went to Yoyo camp in beautiful czech Krkonose mountains and our team member Ondra made this video there.

In meantime, Konstantin made new video showing some of his new tricks for 2014.

Soon you can expect another team video from Prague, introducing of some new team members and new model!!

(Bína) #406

New runs of Officer are in stock on YYE for some time, but there are still no photos, so I will show you our.

Musket ( marked as 2nd run on YYE page), wider gap http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1198/YOYOFFICER-Musket

New run of Jaeger, with blasted surface http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1138/YOYOFFICER-Jaeger

Lava new run with wider gap http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/1197/YOYOFFICER-Lava



I need to get myself a lava

(Bína) #408

New video from Yoyofficer team member Michael Malík, celebrating his three years of yo-yoing. We believe there is bright future ahead of him :slight_smile:


Are the Lavas with the larger gap in stock at Yoyoexpert right now? I know in your earlier post it says there is, but I do not know which ones on the store are the smaller gap and which ones are the wider gap if the wider gap ones are truly in stock.


I believe all the lavas left are the wider gap

(Bína) #411

You can identify new wider gap lavas by it’s color, in post on this page, there are 5 colors of lava and these are the one with wider gap.


Also, are Lavas blasted?

(Bína) #413

All Lavas are blasted. Since spring of this year, we are making all of our yo-yos with blasted finish, including cheapest Kilter.


How much bigger is the gap?

(Bína) #415

By 0,2 mm, quite significant difference on play.

(Amplified) #416

What are the main differences in the two lavas?


The newer one has a wider gap and is blasted, I’m pretty sure that’s it

(Bína) #418

All runs of lava were blasted, only difference is really just size of gap.

(Amplified) #419

Yeah I can read too.

Bina said there was a difference in play. I’d like to know what that difference is.

(Bína) #420

Only difference is in that gap, I meant it’s quite noticable difference. With original with black pads, many people commented binds were to tight and some tricks with more string layers could be problematic. It was easily fixable by switching to other pads like CBC pads. New version should play alright for everybody even with stock more responsive balck pads.