Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!


It looks majestic… me want


Congratulations on your degree. The yoyo isn’t too shabby either.


Any word on a new run of Hatchets? Really want to get my hands on one, but the colorways I want have been sold out for awhile now :frowning:

PS - Congratulations on your degree, Bína!

(Bína) #384

We just made new run of most models and have new model coming hopefully tomorrow. Not sure about Hatchet, will need to talk about it, most stores still has them in stock. If there would be new run, I think not before september.


I hope you guys consider revisiting the Crayon or doing another classic organic yoyo design in the future.

(Bína) #386

I think musket is great approach to modern organic shape.

(Bína) #387

Nifty is our first collaboration model and we worked on it with awesome guys from Czech brand Barely Legal. Go here to find out more about it :slight_smile:


(Bína) #388

New shipment of Yoyofficer is heading to Yoyoexpert. It includes enw colors of lava and Musket and beadblasted Kilter and Jaeger.


What colors will the blasted Kilters be?

(Bína) #390

Solid colors


me as well


New colorways of musket? What are they like?


so…when will they be here?..XD

(Bína) #394

It depends more when YYE decides to release them. You can try to ask them here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,67762.0.html


oh heard. thank you very much,…appreciation. i cant wait to see what they are,i love YYO ano jobs.i know they will be awemazing XD

(Bína) #396



Exactly, Great Colors,Great Finish and i love them staying with in that nice swirling acid wash like the previous, Gorgeous guys. Excellent Job.


I got my Kilter yesterday and I have to say it plays incredibly well for its price. It’s ability to handle horizontal was outstanding and the stability it had surprised me as well being at just $30.

Haven’t really seen any reviews for it yet so I’ll probably put one up later today or tomorrow

(Bína) #399

I’m really happy you like it :slight_smile:

There was one video review, but it can be for some people little hard to watch, so I would be gald if you post review on Kilter.


Man, I really want one of those Orange/Gold Muskets. Sad to see they aren’t part of the restock.

The Red/Yellow is sort of close, though. Just not as creamsicle!