Going plastic! Introducing X.Point - Yoyofficer official news!


Oh man. I might have to re-evaluate my birthday purchase plans. These look awesome!


Those are some really cool colorways definitely interested.


Nice looking colorways!


Your move clyw

(yoyobro!) #585

This will be mine! When are they going to drop?

(Bína) #586


New Urban going to stores with new run of Shift


will all future regular production runs employ the new finish?

(Bína) #588

I think next run of Rave unfortunately will have our older finish, but we plan to have all future runs use this finish. V model for sure uses it.


Is the Urban coming on YYE? When?

(Bína) #590

Yoyoexpert got their shipment, it’s up to them.


Releasing this week!

(Bína) #592

Introducing Yoyofficer Vector


As yo-yo manufacturer, it’s always fun to fool around with different cool shapes and see what one can do with them. Vector takes on this curved V-Shape, being slightly inspired by Orbis, but making design more robust. This shape makes yo-yo quite universal, offering wide catch zone for easy landing of tricks, good comfort in hand and nice surface for grinds. It differs from our other designs and no fan of Yoyofficer should miss it.

While specifications are almost identical to Urban, these yo-yos play nothing alike. Vector, with weight focused more in middle, plays significantly lighter and faster, than more relaxed and slowly flowing Urban.

Vector is our second model to feature our new improved surface and colors. Available in 6 designs with splash and acid wash, we are pushing our yo-yos to be more and more beautiful. And new surface, so smooth and nicely matte, is almost perfect.

Weight 66.3 g
Diameter 54.9 mm
Width 46 mm
Gap Width: 4.6 mm
Surface: New higher quality blasting
Bearing: String centering bearing ( Wing shaped )
MSRP: 59.9 USD


(yoyobro!) #593

Noice! Will there be any for sale at worlds??? Please say yes…


I tried a prototype of the vector and I loved it.


I’m very interested in the vector but I couldn’t find any reviews on it. Does anyone know of any reviews or have thoughts on their own. Love the yellow and black colorway!

(Spinworthy Glen) #596

I will do a review on it in a week or 2m


The shape is amazing looking. Im really liking how wide it looks. Kilter 2 coming in today. Havent tried any of them yet and cant wait!!


I’m still very interested :slight_smile: Even it’s just a draft review in a PM I’d really appreciate it. Thinking of picking one up tonight with the Marquis event but not sure yet.

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Few years ago we released Gravity, 4A delrin model, praised by many 4A players and used at contests of the highest level. Now it’s time to go back to 4A with brand new Welkin!

Welkin is also machined from delrin and uses same axle system as Gravity. At 75 mm diameter it’s slightly smaller than Gravity, but wider at 61,4 mm. Weight was beefed up to 77g.

Shape is brand new with completely different weight distribution. We still went with really open V-Shape for maximal catch zone, but this time more curved and with significantly smaller walls at gap.

Welkin comes with two thin shims, so you can set up your Welkin into three different settings for different response.

Diameter: 75 mm
Width: 61,4 mm
Weight: 77 g
Material: Delrin






does the latest run of the kilter and rave still have the old finish?