Going back to my roots - Responsive Play?

So I recently purchased a YYJ Classic because I was impressed on its play when I tried it out a month ago from Team YYJ members, but that’s aside the point.

I decided to go back to the roots and play responsive. Mostly because I want to get smoother on playing yoyo. I haven’t played responsive 1A play in a while. And it’s pretty challenging, I must say. But I’m getting the hang of it and it feels awesome to get it back to my hand with a tug and flyaway dismounts are still the best :]

Anyway, does anyone have any tips on how to play with responsive yoyos? What should I look for and work on? Anything will help. I plan to play a lot more responsive for the time being.


keep the string dead center and always be prepared to dodge :smiley:

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Just make sure there isn’t any slack in the yoyo string segment connected to the yoyo.

Responsive yoyos rock. I usually throw a responsive for a bit to warm up.

i absolutely love playing responsive.
i do use an unresponsive yoyo for most of my training, but when i want to kick back, or work on perfecting something i’ve mastered, i use responsive.