How many folks prefer responsive play?

Just been reading about the Walter…

How many folks prefer responsive play, and why?

I love responsive play! I wouldn’t say I like it more than unresponsive but it’s aLOT of fun changing things up even with responsive yoyos though I always bind it’s just an natural… I really want try a Walter though !!!

Same as MYNAMEISZen – it’s not that I prefer responsive play (forced to choose, I would pick unresponsive) but I do think it’s good fun and more people should stick to it instead of seeing it only as “beginner” level. Once you understand responsive play, you can see that it’s not about difficulty level at all-- some tricks are easier responsive, some are tougher. But it’s just a different way to play yoyo.

Let’s petition YYE to stop calling cotton strings “beginner” strings while we’re at it. :wink:

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you can just call me Zen if you’d like ;)(yes that’s my real name)

And while were talking about is anybody else surprised TMBR hasn’t Started making thee own cotton strings ?

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I think the two go hand in hand. Unresponsive play makes me better at responsive and vise versa. Both are equally as fun for me. I think a truly great yoyoer is great at/enjoys both. That being said I prefer unresponsive :wink:

I love responsive play but what what I love more is the option to play either. :slight_smile:

I love both. I feel that there’s still a lot to discover with responsive play, especially fixed axle.

I find that being able to land ‘unresponsive’ tricks with responsive yoyos gives more control on unresponsive play.

I still love responsive play…can be a lot of fun

I absolutely love responsive play! If there were a yoyo that was responsive and had really nice sleep time like unresponsive yoyos, I would use the responsive yoyo if I’m not in the mood for slacks and whips :slight_smile:

I believe you might want to check out the Walter. It may fit your bill.

I have actually been playing A LOT of responsive lately!

I like responsive play. It reminds me that you don’t need a 200 dollar yoyo to have fun. A simple tmbr yoyo is just as fun as 200 dollar one.

Yea I know man! But i dont have that kind of money :-\

Maverick, keep the bearing lubed instead of letting it go semi-unresponsive. Done. :wink:

Hmm, Ill look into that :slight_smile: i really want that walter but its just too much xD

I enjoy both, but I like the ability to tug a yoyo back to my hand rather than having to bind. With that being said I prefer responsive play.

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I’m not a fan of responsive play myself. Having a yoyo catch mid way through a trick and smack into your hand just isn’t fun… in fact its what made me quit yoyoing a few years back when I first gave it a try. Had I known about unresponsive play back then I’m sure I’d have kept doing it down to this day…

Wow thanks guys. You have now tempted me into selling my Majesties to get a Walter and an SB2 thanks aLOT…

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I like both. For me it’s options. And when I’m playing responsive and I mess up on a trick, and the throw smashes my hand. I know i need to get quicker or smooth out my trick. It’s kind of like the ruler across the hand, better improve oo feel the pain. Hey it works for me.

Also when I’m walking down the street I prefer a responsive, its easier to bring back, easy to toss in a loop or two!