God Tricks

Hi I was wondering if god tricks is any good and what the best one besides the evolution and eternal is. This is for 1a.

God-Tricks yoyos are awesome players. The Destiny is really speedy, the Bounty Hunter has a large diameter and is super stable, and the Cyclone is mid-sized and wide. You’re unlikely to be disappointed with any of these three yoyos. Haven’t tried the Freedom but it’s a bit too small and narrow for my tastes. If you’re planning to buy one, just pick the one that fits your preferences best or looks the most appealing to you.

Only negative about the God-Tricks I have is the lack of an IRG and the pads can be slippy on some of them.

I like mid to undersize.
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They’re pretty nice throws! Just got my Destiny today. Plays pretty sweet. Like Topo said it can go pretty fast. So far, the stock response and bearing seem pretty good too. Going to throw a poly in there now because the string is way too short for me and is a little looser around the bearing than what I’m used to.

Go ahead and get one, you probably won’t regret it.

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