God Trick Bounty Hunter

So this isn’t really a review more of just a summary as of now. I got this yo yo in a trade the other day, and my first thoughts on the throw was wow for such a under rated throw this is amazing!!! Mine is beat up but actually fairly smooth. I was always eye balling god tricks knowing one day I would get one, and I’m glad one came my way. On the first throw it was incredibly stable, and fast paced. The good thing with it as well is it moves how you want it to. The Bounty Hunter can move fast or slow and handles everything very nicely. It can grind, but this is not what I do. It has a shallow IGR which I think could work if you are skilled at those kinds of grinds. But as of now this is a brief review just my initial thoughts a full review and everything will be coming for this under rated throw.